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The tentative recovery of the still fragile state of the Thai economy due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic was stalled due to the bursts of political unrest, which started in July of 2020 and is still currently ongoing. 

The economy is experiencing a more prolonged rate of recovery as compared to its neighboring countries, in both the ASEAN and Asian markets.

It is anticipated that the economy will take harder hits if the borders remain as they are, especially in the global tourism field, one of Thailand’s most lucrative industries in the tertiary sector and one of the main sources of foreign currency, contributing nearly one fifth of the country’s GDP alone.

Despite the instability of Thailand’s political scene, yearly foreign tourist arrivals had been steadily increasing for the past several years, until the measures of the Covid-19 pandemic ground activity to a halt.

One of the most important and also rarely mentioned components to the tourism industry is also the domestic element, which is proven to dwarf the international one in terms of quantity. It is most likely that the industry will depend heavily on the promotion of domestic tourism before the reintroduction of foreign arrivals, as the average revenue of the domestic traveller accounted for over half of total revenue gained from tourism, as taken from all four quarters of the years 2017-2019. 

The reopening of borders in major markets is predicted to be drawn out even longer amidst a combination of ineffectual government policies to assist struggling businesses during the imposed lockdown, as well as an escalating number of cases which surged after protestors took to the streets which forced quarantine measures to remain in place, with harsher conditions than before. 

The vulnerability of the elastic labour market and stricter global procedures against the pandemic are also two important factors to consider regarding the revival of the economy. 

It is uncertain if the extended measures against the pandemic will have any negative effect on the tentative decrease in unemployment rates.

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